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Beaver Run Knoll FAQs

Where can I get the latest BRK by-laws, declarations and regulations?

All are available for download (in pdf format) from the menu on the left.

Why's the DRC out to get me? It's been this way for years? It was like that when I bought the house. Why am I getting fined?

A few things at play here. The rules are the rules for everybody. The Board is much more interested in getting things fixed than taking your money. While you may feel you're being harassed by the Board and the DRC, you are not. In past years, things were overlooked for whatever reason. Now, with a full Board, more attention to detail can be paid. This doesn't excuse previous Boards for overlooking things, but it does help to explain where the Beaver Run Knoll Community is right now and where we're trying to go. If you get a notice of something wrong with the exterior of your house and yard, just send a simple letter, email, or phone call to the Board and the Chairs of the Architecture and Landscape Committees, which together make up the DRC. Every effort will be made to get in touch with you and explain the problem. If it can't be fixed right away due to financial reasons, weather reasons or any other legitimate reason, send a letter or email, something in writing, to the Board. This will not give you a free pass to wait 10 years to fix something, but chances are pretty good you won't get fined if you take care of the problem in a timely fashion.

Just remember what the fine is there for... to get you to fix your siding, get your missing shingles replaced, get your dry rotted shed trim and paint deprived shed door looking new again, etc. The bottom line is the better all our homes look the more they'll be worth. Without the threat of a fine or actually being fined, there's no reason to get problems fixed. That's the philosophy. Agree or disagree, that's how things were set up. If you don't like something, you have the ability to change things.

I need to replace my siding/a shutter - can you tell me the manufacturer and color of my siding and where I can find it?

The builder of BRK did not pass that information to the Association upon completion of the development. We recommend that you match the siding/your shutter as closely as possible.

I keep getting notifications and fines for dog poop in my yard and I don’t even own a dog. This isn’t fair. What can I do?

Each homeowner is responsible for his/her own property, and that includes pet cleanup, even if you don’t have a pet. If you can identify the owner of the offending pet, please report him to the office and we will send the homeowner a notification. Fines will be imposed for repeat offenses.

My neighbor’s dog barks all day while he/she is at work. What can we do?

Any pet that causes a continual disturbance, whether barking inside or outside, is to be reported to the Caln Township Police Department. If enough complaints are filed, the Township may initiate a legal case.

The trash collectors neglected to take a couch that I left in front of my house. Can you call them and have them come back and get it?

No. Trash collection benefits are provided by Caln Township and paid for by your tax dollars, not Association dues. Please call the Township building at 610-383-0400 to report any problems.

Trash is blowing all over the neighborhood. Why won’t the trash collectors pick it up?

It is not the responsibility of the collectors to clean up trash from properties or the street on collection day. The Association pays our Landscaper for 2 full cleanups per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. During the rest of the year, we request that homeowners take a moment or two to pick up any unsightly trash that you may see in your yards, or even in the common areas. Even the office manager has been know to clean up the area around the BRK sign when need be. It only takes a moment.

I often see cars parked along the curb overnight. I thought this was prohibited. Why are some cars ticketed and some cars aren’t?

No vehicles are authorized to park overnight along the curbs. This is a Township ordinance, meant to keep the throughways clear in case an emergency vehicle (i.e., fire truck, ambulance, etc.) needs access. If you have a complaint about a specific vehicle, call the Caln Township Police Department and report it. It is their responsibility to ticket these vehicles.

I’ve noticed that cars have been parking in front of the mailboxes and the postal deliverer won’t deliver mail when that happens. Can’t you fine these people?

Unless you can provide the office with the name of the vehicle owner, license plate number, and date and time that the vehicle was parked in front of the mailboxes, there is nothing the Association can do. For more immediate action, call the police department.

After the last snow, I noticed that my parking space wasn’t shoveled, nor was the walkway up to my house. I pay a lot in dues each month. Why wasn’t this done?

Our snow removal contract provides for snow removal along the roadways in each court, and the plowing out of parking spaces "as is reasonable." We do not pay to have each individual parking space shoveled out, nor does our contract include snow shoveling of your front walkway, only the sidewalk that runs parallel to the curb.


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